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A wine with a certain body? That will keep in the Wine Rack?

>> Friday, August 13, 2010

If you didn’t fall for the sexy underwear made from cork (see elsewhere in the Brief) you should perhaps consider a bra that makes second duty as wine storage. The bra is called The Wine Rack (not too difficult to come up with that). It gives some added curves to the wearer and a handy way (?) to carry the drinks to the picnic or the sports game. Perhaps the added volume is less important when one has finished the contents? You can buy it for the modest sum of $29.95 from It certainly gives a new meaning to ‘tank top’. (Oh, and BaronBob can also provide a ‘beer belly’ for the gentlemen that uses a similar technology) You can watch the British TV show stars Richard & Judy test the Wine Rack on this video! or read this


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