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The glass bottle still reigns supreme, but alternatives grow faster

>> Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The glass bottle is used in 88% of all cases for packaging (“bottling”) wine, counted in the number of units. “Other packaging” only accounts for 12%. In the ‘other’ segment ‘liquid cartons’ dominates with well over half of the 12% that is not in glass.

Bag-in-box actually has less than 2% of the total market (again, in number of units), about the same share as PET-bottles (plastic).

Glass is, however, slowly loosing share: alternative packaging has a growth rate of 4.8% compared to only 1.7% for glass (CAGR estimate ’09-’14).

Looking at packaged volume (instead of units) the picture is a bit different: alternative packaging accounts for 17% and glass for 83%, and BiB is the biggest alternative packaging with almost half of the 17%.

(Source: Euromonitor International, Global Wine: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Wine Industry)

Does the packaging influence your buying decisions?

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