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So, how many grape varieties ARE there in Châteauneuf-du-Pape?

>> Tuesday, August 03, 2010

In the last Brief we noted that it is really not a big issue if you don’t remember all the 13 permitted grape varieties in Châteauneuf. Or is it 15? Well, it all depends on how you count, we said. A reader with a penchant for details (thank you Tomas!) has pointed out that in the latest version of the appellation rules (from 2009) they actually specify 18 different red and white varieties. Here’s their list:

  1. bourboulenc B,
  2. brun argenté N (localement dénommé vaccarèse),
  3. cinsaut N,
  4. clairette B,
  5. clairette rose Rs,
  6. counoise N,
  7. grenache blanc B,
  8. grenache gris G,
  9. grenache N,
  10. mourvèdre N,
  11. muscardin N,
  12. picardan B,
  13. piquepoul blanc B,
  14. piquepoul gris G,
  15. piquepoul noir N,
  16. roussanne B,
  17. syrah N,
  18. terret noir N

All details are available here
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