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Welcome to the BKWine Brief nr 90, January 2011

>> Wednesday, February 09, 2011

(Written at the end of January...)

We are soon on our way to Millésime Bio, the organic wine fair in Montpellier. It is the 18th vintage of this wine show. From a very humble start it has now grown into a quite big (but not huge) show with an important number of visitors – more and more people seem to be interested in organically grown wine (we can say that, can’t we? Even if we’re not allowed to say “organic wine” in the EU). There will be 560 winemakers at the show. Most of them are French, naturally, but several other countries are also represented. Even Egypt! But it is not just the fact that the wines are organic that makes it an interesting fair. It is also a comparatively “democratic” event. Every exhibitor has the same space, each one is provided half a table by the organisers, two chairs and tasting glasses. Nothing more than that. Here it is the winemaker that is the important item. No big booths with bouncers (or pretty girls) for those with big marketing budgets. So there will be an interesting mix of big and many very small producers. We hope to make several new discoveries. And we promise not to taste all the wines.

And next week we will (or at least Britt will) be in Sweden. There is the Swedish sommelier championship (yes there is such a thing!). they have a whole day of events and BKWine is one of the invited speakers and tasting tutors. Fun.

Britt & Per

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