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Book review: Biodynamics in Wine

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

Biodynamics in Wine
Av: Beverley Blanning MW
A Monograph published by the International Wine & Food Society (IWFS)

This little book tries on 60 pages to explain what biodynamic wine production means. It is not an easy task. Beverley Blanning manages to do it in a fairly objective way. She describes the different biodynamic methods in a straightforward way, even the more difficult parts, like the “dynamisation” of the preparations and the cow horns and the deer bladders. Although she ought to have mentioned that the growers often buy some of these preparations ready-to-use (deer bladders are not always that easy to find). The many quotations from Steiner himself (the founder of biodynamics) and different growers that work biodynamically give life to the text. The growers don’t always understand how certain things can work but they see the result in the vineyard and in the wine. That is proof enough for them. An interesting chapter is about the arguments for and against biodynamics. Beverly says herself that she is open to the possibility that some biodynamic methods work. Everyone who reads this booklet should also try to have an open mind. You can buy the booklet here:

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