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Must-have thing of the month: remove sulphur with SO2GO

>> Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some say that the headache you get from wine is due to the sulphur the wine contains rather than to the volume consumed. Apparently you can actually be allergic to sulphur but we tend to believe that the headache mostly is due to the volume issue. But if you don’t think it is there is now a solution. So2go is a liquid that you pour into the wine and that eliminates the sulphur.

A small vial of 3 ml is enough to remove the sulphur in one bottle of wine (how can one know, since the sulphur contents varies greatly?). It costs a mere £1.50 a pop. So2go contains hydrogen peroxide that is also used as bleach, as an antiseptic and (according to Wikipedia) as rocket fuel.

If you prefer to remove the sulphur in the wine without bleach and rocket fuel you can pour the wine into a decanter and aerate it a bit. It works too. And it is free. (As a matter of fact So2go releases oxygen when added to the wine. So in practice it does noting different than a decanting.) More

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