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More about the book on Tokaji

>> Friday, February 25, 2011

In the last Brief we wrote a review of the new book on Tokaij wines, Tokaji Wine – Fame, Fate, Tradition by Miles Lambert-Gócs. We also speculated in for whom it might have been written.

The author sent us a mail and explained:

”I feel obliged to respond to your question about 'the intended reader.' If we are talking about someone who is going to read the book from front to back, certainly it would only be a real Tokaji enthusiast. But mainly I was thinking of serious enophiles who occasionally want to explore particular topics about Tokaji. That is why I divided the book into parts, with an A-Z format within that framework. Also, I definitely had wine writers, MWs, etc. in mind in wanting to set out everything needed to avoid the wrong or false history that has plagued Western literature on Tokaji to date.” 

Here’s the original book review.
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