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World wine production is stable in 2009

>> Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If we look at world wine production it turns out that it is quite stable in 2009: only a slight increase on 2008 to reach 268 million hectolitres. Europe accounted for 68% of the total in 2009. At the end of the 80s Europe accounted for 78% of world wine production. Down with 10% of the total in other words. On the other hand, the figures for wine consumption show that at the end of the 80s Europe accounted for 74% of world wine consumption but in 2009 Europe only consumed 66% of the total. Down with 8% over the period, so the balance is quite stable. “The rest of the world” makes much more wine today but it also drinks much more!

The biggest wine producers:
1 - Italy, 48 Mhl (--)
2 - France, 46 Mhl (--)
3 - Spain, 35 Mhl (--)
4 - USA, 20 Mhl (++)
5 - Argentina, 12 Mhl (--)
6 - China, 12 Mhl
7 - Australia, 11 Mhl (--)
8 - Chile, 9.9 Mhl (++)
9 - South Africa, 9.8 Mhl (++)
10 - Germany, 9.2 Mhl (++)
11 - Russia, 7 Mhl (++)
12 - Romania, 6.7 Mhl (++)
(+ and - indicate change since 2006)

It is worth noting that even if China is today in 6th place of world wine production but it has actually decreased the output since 2006. Over a longer period, since 2002, it has slightly increased the wine production. The greater part of the massive increase in grape production does not go to wine, but to grape juice. And when it comes to selling the wine China is not (yet?) a success: in spite of the substantial wine production volume China is not among the world’s top 12 exporters of wine. (Source: OIV)


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