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New trials with genetically modified grape vines

>> Saturday, July 17, 2010

The French agricultural research institute (INRA) has – again – planted an experimental vineyard with genetically modified vines. Out of the 500 vines in the test vineyard 70 have been genetically modified to see if that can counter-act the dreaded fan leaf virus disease (court noué). “Again”, since the started a similar trial a few years back but an environmental activist snuck into the vineyard and destroyed all the vines, which put an end to the test at that time. GM vines is a hotly debated subject in France, as in some other countries. Many see it as a big threat. Others see it as a possibility to perhaps counteract diseases like court noué and others against which the wine growers today have to spray with poisonous chemicals in the vineyard, and thus a way to reduce the use of chemical treatments (or in some cases there is no cure at all so the vines simply die). This time the INRA has put up a better fence, supposedly to protect the vines against wild animals. Read more on

What’s your view on GM? Should research on the subject be banned or permitted?


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