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Red muscadet? (Or genetic modification in real life)

>> Wednesday, July 07, 2010

What would you say if someone offered you a red muscadet? No doubt you would not believe it. Muscadet is made at the mouth of the Loire river from the grape variety called muscadet (or melon de bourgogne). It is well known as a not overly sophisticated refreshing white wine. But soon you may have the possibility to taste red muscadet. Red? Indeed. The winegrower Pierre Viaud has discovered a red variant af the muscadet grape in his vineyard. It all started when he noticed one vine that had one branch with white grapes and another branch with red grapes. Shoots were taken from the red side and there is now an experiential vineyard with some forty vines. One of the ancestors of muscadet is pinot noir so it is no doubt that which is making a come-back. An interesting example of genetic modification in real life! (Source: La Vigne)


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