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Who is Günther?

>> Saturday, July 17, 2010

Since you read the Brief you may now have come to realise that bag in box wines are immensely popular in Sweden (and in the rest of Scandinavia). More than 50% of all wine is sold in the plastic bag in the carton. There is a magnificent spoof music video singing the praise of the plastic pouch in a box wine: "”Bag in da box”" (And if you look closely there is a very misplaced elder man amongst all the bikinis in one of the scenes). A must to watch for the wine enthusiast! We have no idea what is behind this video, but we hardly think it has contributed to the popularity of the BiB. (Or perhaps it has?) The creative mind behind the video calls himself CJ Westregård and we happened recently to find out that he has made another master piece in the music video parody genre titled Günter-Suntrip. This one contains both family holiday scenes and more bikinis (and is only just within the limit of being well behaved). But who is Günther?


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