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UK is biggest export market for South African wine, Sweden in third place

>> Monday, April 18, 2011

The United Kingdom is by far the biggest market for South African wine exports. A bit more surprising is perhaps that Sweden, with only 10 million inhabitants, is the third biggest market, far ahead of e.g. the USA. South Africa is actually the biggest supplier of wines to the Swedes. Here are the top-ten export markets for South Africa (May-09 to April-10, source: Drinks Business and DOAFF/SA):

- UK: 121 million litres
- Germany: 72 Ml
- Sweden: 39 Ml
- The Netherlands: 28 Ml
- Denmark: 16 Ml
- USA: 14 Ml
- Canada: 12 Ml
- Belgium: 9 Ml
- France: 9 Ml
- New Zealand: 6 Ml


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