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The EU Wine Production

>> Monday, September 04, 2006

Some statistics selected from the briefing material released when EU presented it’s discussion proposal for new wine policy: Europe counts for 40% of the world’s wine acreage and 60% of world wine production. It also accounts for 60% of consumption. Average production (of EU 25) is 178 million hectolitres, worth €16.1 billion.

  • France is the biggest producer with 55M hl (30% of the total). If counted in value France actually represents 50%, producing €7.7 bn worth.
  • Second is Italy with 51M hl (28%) or €4.2 bn (26%).
  • Third place goes to Spain with 43M hl (23%) worth €1.2 bn (7.6%).
  • Germany produces only 10M hl but the value is almost the same as that of Spain (€1.1 bn). So, the other 21 countries share the remaining 10%:
  • Portugal (7.2M hl/€1 bn),
  • Hungary (4.5M hl/€181M),
  • Greece (€3.6 M hl/€46M),
  • Austria (2.5M hl/€437M),
  • Slovenia (1M hl),
  • Czech Republic (0.5M hl),
  • Slovakia (0.4M hl),
  • Cyprus (0.4M hl),
  • Luxemburg (0.14M hl), and
  • Malta (0.07M hl)
EU expects overproduction to reach 27M hl, i.e. 15% of production, by 2010 – unless a reform of support policies are agreed. Total acreage within the EU 25 is 3.4 million hectares of vines.


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