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BKWine Pick: Terreno Wine Bar, Stockholm

>> Sunday, September 10, 2006

050408-188-8877Perhaps the most important reason to visit this wine bar is to see how it functions. It built around an original self-service concept: First you have to buy a “wine card”, like a pre-paid phone card. then you go to the “dispensing machine”, insert your card, push the button for the wine you want (don’t forget to hold out your glass) and you are served a good 4cl tasting dose. An interesting concept if you want to taste several different wines, but perhaps not the most romantic way of drinking wine (perhaps well suited to Swedes who are not known for their romanticism, but rather for their pragmatism…). You can also get some not-too-complicated Italian food with the wine. New, and certainly original concept, worth visiting even if the wine selection (and the food) is a bit limited.

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