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BKWine as Nils Holgersson on WineToursimInFrance

>> Monday, January 03, 2011 is a site dedicated to, yes, wine tourism in France. It seems mainly oriented to professionals and is read by many wine producers. We were interviewed recently by the editor, André Deyrieu, who published the article under the heading “The Nils Holgerssons of Wine Tourism”… (click on the link; use Google Translate if you don’t read French). The article even generated some debate. The director of tourism at Château Giscours, Marc Verpaalen, did not quite agree with what we said, but we think that he might not quite have understood our discourse. Sylvain Bouhélier, a wine producer in Burgundy, seemed on the other hand to see our arguments as a sign of that you do not necessarily have to have a lot of money to be successful in wine tourism.

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