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South Africa experiments with genetically modified vines

>> Saturday, January 02, 2010

In August the University of Stellenbosch was given permission to plant en experimental plot with 1 ha of genetically modified vines. This touches a very infected debate. Some say that such trials must not be done. The had a small planting of GM vines in Alsace until recently. They were allowed to plant the vines under condition that they produced no grapes, in other words, that all flowers were removed. They had this trial until recently – it was vandalised and destroyed. But now there is a new trial in South Africa. Those who say that it should be done are afraid of unpredictable consequences that might lead to a catastrophe. Those who are in favour say that the experiments may lead to plants that are resistant against some diseases. That could lead to substantial reductions of vineyard spraying, and thus less poison spread in nature. It will be interesting to see what happens. Read more: The Genetically Modified Grape Storm in a Desert Wine Glass. The Genetically Modified Grape Storm in a Desert Wine Glass.


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