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Book review: The Ultimate Austrian Wine Guide (2009/2010 edition)

>> Monday, December 07, 2009

The Ultimate Austrian Wine Guide (2009/2010 edition)
By: Peter Moser
Publisher: Falstaff Publications’ve previously reviewed this book, in an earlier edition, so this is just an update. And it’s well worth mentioning again! The title tells it all. This is the ultimate guide to Austrian wines, as far as we know. The bulk of the book is made up of wine producer profiles. We can’t claim to be able to judge if it is an extensive coverage or not, but what is there is very informative. The profiles are organised according to wine regions. Each region has an introductory text with maps that are quite detailed and useful, even for the traveller on location. A short introduction explains grape varieties, rules and regulations etc. There’s even a section at the end with addresses to importers of Austrian wines across the world. We certainly hope it will contribute to making the excellent Austrian wines better known outside of the country. A good thing the book exists in English!

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