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BKWine TV: [E] Fattoria Poggerino (#2) in Chianti, biodynamism by Piero Lanza

>> Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Part 2 of the interview with Piero Lanza, co-owner (together with his sister) and winemaker at Fattoria Poggerino, Radda in Chianti.

In part 2 Piero explains what it means to be a biodynamic winery.

Piero explains how he farms his vineyard with biodynamic principles, how he works with preparations and how he started with organic viticulture and then moved further to biodynamism.

Biodynamic farming is focused on the ground, the soil. They use for example the 500 treatment, which is based on cow manure prepared and matured under ground in cow horns. It is used to prepare treatments to spray on the vineyards. Before spraying the preparations have to be 'dynamised' in a 'dynamiser'. The biodynamic treatments increase the energy and the humus in the ground. It helps the vineyard to survive in extreme climate and weather conditions. They also use 501 which is based on quartz powder which helps the plants, the leaves, to capture the sunshine. It can also help close to harvest time if there are poor and wet conditions. During the growing season they also use herb preparations to help the vines grow. They use a well known biodynamic consultant from Burgundy called Pierre Masson.

Do not miss part 21 where Piero Lanza talks about his wines and vineyards.

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