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Lower yields = better wines. Or?

>> Monday, July 16, 2007

a0617-218-1813The ruling has been confirmed that raises the yield in Champagne to 15,000 kg/ha. Very few people (in France) counts in kg/ha so if we translate it to hectolitres per hectare it equates to 100 hl/ha. (In Bordeaux, as a comparison, the yield is usually around 40-50 hl/ha.) Perhaps it has to do with that champagne is selling just as fast as the corks pop these days and that there is no land to increase the cultivated area, so the only possibility for expansion is higher yields? (For the wine nerd: Rendement de Base is now 12,400 kg/ha (up from 10,400) and the Rendement Butoir is 15,500 kg/ha (up from 13,000).).


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