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What will happen with Tocai Friuliano?

>> Saturday, May 26, 2007

Since April 1 it is no longer permitted to use the name Tocai (in Italy) or Tokay (d’Alsace, in France) following an EU agreement that reserves that name for wines from Hungary. The Italian government has, however, decided that Tocai Friuliano can be used for at least one more year, contrary to the EU ruling. This is the result of an Italian court ruling that decided that ‘Friuliano’ will not be permitted as the new name for the grape. In Veneto, on the other hand, they have already started to use another name for Tocai: Tai… (It may be worth noting that Tokay d’Alsace and Tocai Friuliano are entirely different grape varieties: Tokay d’Alsace is Pinot Gris (or Ruländer in German) and Tocai Friuliano is Sauvignonasse. In addition, Tocai (now Tai) in Veneto is a third, unrelated grape.)


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