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New-old conflict over Margaux appellation

>> Wednesday, May 30, 2007 it was the Cru Bourgeois classification that was annulled. Then it was St Emilion. Is Margaux next? Philippe Raoux, owner of Ch d’Arsac, has recently won a new step in a long running court battle against the INAO over the borders of the Margaux appellation. He bases his argument on geological studies that he claims shows should broaden the appellation. (Do we need to add that it would then include d’Arsac?...) INAO, meanwhile, has defined its own new (proposed) borders of Margaux. It would include some new land but would exclude some of the existing properties. We can easily imagine how the owners of that land will react… Perhaps it is time to let the consumers decide what wine is good and what is not good, rather than giving that task to bureaucrats? More in


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