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”Les 5 Côtes” – and then there were 4...

>> Sunday, April 22, 2007

030728-3-k542-0020Schizophrenia is a common affliction when it comes to reasoning around French wine rules and regulations. Yes, you want to cooperate with your neighbouring regions better to promote the wine, and yes you want to have as small and specific (and obscure) appellations as possible. An unusual initiative was when recently five Bordeaux “côtes” appellations (Côtes de Castillon, de Francs, de Blaye, de Bourg and Premières Côtes de Bordeaux) joined forces in view of uniting the five appellations into one with the name Côtes du Bordeaux – easier for the consumer to recognize perhaps. Harmony is no longer – Bourg has pulled out of the collaboration because they did not like the idea that they would no longer have their Côte de Bourg AC, even if they would be allowed to add the name to the new AC (Bourg-Côtes de Bordeaux). Who’s next? As reported in


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