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Swedish importers prefer the monopoly? It gives them more profit?

>> Wednesday, March 02, 2005

We participated recently in a conference organised by Skalli & Rein, a wine consulting company ( One of the presenters was a representative from one of the major Scandinavian importers, who was there to talk about the situation of the market in the Nordic countries. We were stunned by some of the things we heard. Without claiming to have the words exactly accurate, here are two examples: “If the monopolies disappear the pressure on margins for the importers will increase.” Well, of course, more competition will require more professionalism. Or this one: “It is better both for consumers and producers to keep the monopoly.” Well, it is probably better for those producers who are already established as suppliers to the monopolies with a cosy relationship, but for all the rest who find these markets impenetrable? Maybe it has to do with a fear for increasing competition. But above all it is bizarre to hear a senior manager at a commercial company, presumably believing in some kind of market economy, to advocate a monopoly.


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