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BKWine Pick: Coffele, Soave, Italy

>> Monday, November 01, 2010

Coffele, Soave, Italy

Soave is probably the most well-known white wine in Italy. The small and very pretty medieval town of Soave in situated in the region of Veneto, not far from Verona. In the town centre you will find a very interesting Soave-producer, Azienda Agricola Coffele, an estate that is run by Guiseppe Coffele, hans fru Giovanna Visco and their children Chiara and Alberto. In total the family has around 30 hectares of vineyards, mostly in Soave Classico but also in Valpolicella.

”Our aim is to make Soave more known for its quality wines”, says Chiara. “Too long the export market has considered Soave wines as simple, low quality wines.” If you want to know how a good quality Soave tastes, try the wines from Coffele. “Soave, in our opinion, should be a fresh and fruity wine with a lot of finesse, light in style instead of full-bodied. Their entry level Soave Classico 2009 is a very pleasant wine with floral aromas and some grapefruit in an easy-to-drink style. Ca’ Visco” Soave 2009 has a bit more body and Soave Alzari, with 100 % of garganega and 10 months of oak ageing, has a creamy structure, ripe fruit and a hint of vanilla. You’ll find finesse and elegance in all three wines.
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