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Bordeaux Facts

>> Tuesday, June 01, 2010

- There are 60 different appellations(AOC / AOP) in total in the Bordeaux region
- 118,000 hectares of vines in total (2009)
- 5.7 million hl wine produced, which is +20 compared to 2008 but identical to 2007
- The average size of a vineyard: 14.6 ha

- Main red grape varieties, account for 89% of the area (!):
-- Merlot: 63% (yes, merlot is the by far most planted variety)
-- Cabernet sauvignon 25%
-- Cabernet franc 11%
-- Others, malbec, petit verdot etc: 1% (even though e.g. both petit verdot and malbec have attracted a lot of attention in the press recently as trendy grapes they still represent less than one percent of plantings)

- White grape varieties, account for only 11% of plantations down from almost 50% some decades ago (such a pity, dry white Bordeaux can be so delicious, wouldn’t you agree?):
-- Sémillon: 53%
-- Sauvignon: 38%
-- Muscadelle: 6%
-- Others, colombard, ugni blanc, merlot blanc, folle blance etc: 3%

(source : CIVB)


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