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Who drinks the most champagne?

>> Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It’s not a personal question but of nations. The biggest export market for champagne is the United Kingdom with 36 million bottles (in 2008), flowed by the USA. Here’s the top list (source: CIVC/The Drinks Business):

  • UK: 36 M bottles
  • USA: 17 M
  • Germany: 12 M
  • Belgium: 10 M
  • Italy: 9 M
  • Japan: 8 M
  • Switzerland: 5 M
  • Spain: 4 M
  • Australia: 3,7 M
  • The Netherlands: 3,5 M
  • Sweden: 2 M
  • Canada: 1,5 M
  • UAE: 1,4 M
  • Russia: 1,3 M
  • Singapore: 1,2 M
  • China: 0,9 M
  • Brazil: 0,7 M
  • India: 0,2 M

But who consumes the most per capita? We’ve not done the numbers. Could it be the Swiss? Or is it the French (who are not on the export stats)?


Heike Larsson May 05, 2010 12:10 PM  

I believe it is us, the Germans?

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