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Vodka drinkers world-wide

>> Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The world is drinking a lot of vodka. The biggest market is, unsurprisingly, Russia, followed by the USA. Here are the top tipplers (2008 numbers, source: The Drinks Business):

  • Russia: 269 million cases
  • USA: 55 M
  • Ukraine: 41 M
  • Poland: 33 M
  • Kazakhstan: 10 M
  • Belarus: 9 M
  • UK: 8 M
  • Germany: 7 M
  • Uzbekistan: 6 M
  • Brazil: 5 M
(269 million cases is approximately 24 million hectolitre, if the calculator serves us well. As a comparison, France produces around 60 M hl of wine.)

A few interesting vodka products?: Bakon Vodka, with a flavour of, yes, bacon; Thunder Vodka, with a flavour of (are you sitting down?) toffee, “taste the storm” they say (internally?); of Lex Vodka with this information in their marketing ”6 months maturation and crystal purity … unique aging technology … sophisticated process gives us untold harmony and crystalline product purity … a sublime taste that defies description … 11 filtration stages (including silver and platinuma filters) … artesian water from … natural composition is thus maintained” etc.

The ten biggest vodka brands:
  • Smirnoff 25 M cases and a market share of 4.8%
  • Green Mark 12 M
  • Absolut 11 M
  • Nemiroff 8 M
  • Khortystsa 8 M
  • Pyat Ozer 6 M
  • Putinka 6 M
  • SV 4 M
  • Myagkov 4 M
  • Absolwent 4 M
(this latter sounds like an intriguing cocktail made from Absolut and some solvent, doesn’t it?)


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