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More forecasts for wine in 2010

>> Monday, March 01, 2010

John Mariani has, just like we did in the last issue of the Brief, made predictions of what will happen in 2010 in the wine world. Here’s what he thinks:

1. Prices will continue to fall
2. More and more people will buy wine online
3. Wine blogging will continue to grow, albeit not always with credible contents
4. California misses the chance to make wines that are more elegant and subtle and continues to make alcohol and fruit bombs
5. The flood of new wines from South America and Eastern Europe may recede, unless they keep their prices down
6. New Zeeland hits problems due to over-production
7. Champagne sees continued problems too: too many too expensive wines and increasing competition from sparkling alternatives
8. Hard times for luxury restaurants and more focus on good-value wines (rather that luxury) wines in restaurants
9. More and more producers adopt the screw cap
10. Americans buy more wine under $10, the Chinese also consumes lots of inexpensive wines



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