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Is this Europe’s revenge for the American wine louse?

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

At the end of the 19th century the vine louse (phylloxera vastatrix) arrived in Europe from North America. It had lived peacefully in symbiosis with the American vines but arriving in Europe, with different vines (vitis vinifera), it killed all vines across the continent over a few decades. A bit over a century later, today, the European Grapevine Moth (lobesia botrana) has been discovered in vineyards in California. Larvae from the moth have been identified recently in Napa Valley, raising concerns that Californian vineyards will be devastated. The moth eats both the flowers and the fruit of the vine. It can cause sever damage, e.g. rot in the vineyard. It is as yet unclear exactly how great a risk there is for a serious attack. More info (the insect on the photo is not the grapevine moth)


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