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French wine TV channel to become Luxembourgeois?

>> Tuesday, April 06, 2010

It’s called Edonys – the TV channel that will be entirely dedicated to wine. It’s a project launched by Media-Place Partner. the TV channel will air interviews, reportage, debates, etc but exclusively on a wine theme (much like BKWine TV, one can perhaps say, but with a slightly bigger budget and different ambitions… And curiously they are in the very same part of Paris, just a few hundred meters away from BKWine). But there’s a catch. A TV channel must have financing and the income is mainly from advertising. But in France it is not allowed to do wine ads or commercials on television. Ouch. Some 20 senators have proposed that it should be OK for pay-TV channels with wine advertisements but at the moment it is very uncertain what will happen. However, Edonys has a Plan B: choose Luxemburg as a base where no such rules exist.


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