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BKWine TV: Domaine Plageoles, Gaillac

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2008 Interview with the winemaker Bernard Plageoles of Domaine Tres Cantous / Domaine Plageoles whose winery and vineyards are in
Gaillac in the south west of France (Sud-Ouest)

Bernard talks about his peculiar wines and the unusual grape varieties he uses, e.g. the Ondenc (white grape) and the Prunelard (for red wine).

By BKWine,

Language is French.

Entretien avec le vigneron Pernard Plageoles
du Domaine Tres Cantous / Domaine Plageoles
à Gaillac.

Bernard nous parle de ses vins et de ses cépages très particulier.

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