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Petition for truth in wine labelling...

>> Friday, January 26, 2007

a0615-213-1363“Protect Place” is an initiative created by seven wine regions to promote truthful (geographical) information on wine labels. The regions behind the initiative are Champagne, Jerez (Sherry), Napa Valley, Porto (port wine), Oregon, Walla Walla, and Washington State. They have launched a site where you can support them by electronically sign their petition. An excellent initiative, we think. But could have been even better if it had been more concrete and straight forward. For example, the petition is very fluffy in what it promotes. Why not state clearly that it promotes a “100% rule”: if a region is mentioned on the label 100% of the contents should come from there? Why not include vintages and other things? Why not demand that if a vintage is on the label 100% of the wine should be from that year? And if provenance is so important, whey did Champagne (in France) force Champagne (is Switzerland) to stop using their place name on the label? (Here is Champagne in Switzerland). In other words, perhaps a bit limited and self interested. Press release. The promotional site


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